I'm Motyar, an entrepreneur and API developer from India

Creating value using code.
Firefox OS app developer.

Host your website on Github for FREE

Any static site can be hosted on Github pages for FREE

Here are few steps to setup a website in one hour:-

  • Get a domain name (With 10% off on BigRock).
  • GoTo DNS Managment and add two A records.
  • Login to and create a new Repository (Let's say named )

  • Clone that repo, using

    git clone
  • cd into that directory.

  • Create a branch named 'gh-pages'.

    git checkout --orphan gh-pages
  • Create the CNAME file.

    echo ''>CNAME
  • Create index.html file.

    echo 'Hello Pooh'>index.html
  • Push this file to github using:

    git add -A .
    git commit -m 'First commit'
    git push origin gh-pages
  • Test it by opening
  • If everything went well, your site should be live on

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