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Auto Publish To Github Pages From Dropbox

Dropbox integrated FREE static web hosting that supports custom domain.

I am sure you know How static site can be hosted on Github pages for FREE, and How to Update Github hosted websites.

In this post we are talking about how we can automate the process using Dropbox + A simple bash script + A cron job to Automate the process of updating these sites.

Here are few simple steps:

  • Login to Dropbox and setup sync to your machine. You can register to Dropbox here (Get 2GB FREE storage).

  • Setup a static site on Github pages for FREE. Skip if you already have one.

  • cd to your Dropbox folder, and clone the repo.

    cd ~/Dropbox/  
    git clone git://
  • cd into that dir

  • Create a new file (named 'update') and put this code into that.

    git add -A .
    git commit -m "Updated"
    git push origin gh-pages --force
  • Give it the power.

    chmod +x update
  • Make few changes and test if its working well, by running this command:

  • Setup cron job. run

    crontab -e
  • Add this line

    * * * * *  cd /path/to/Dropbox/Dir/ && ./update
  • All set, Now your folder is in syn with Dropbox, The cron is looking for changes and pushing to Github pages.

Let me know what you think, I am @motyar on Twitter.